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Decking Products


At Eldridge Fencing, we take pride in using a top quality decking products with a reputation for long lasting, low maintenance, products that use the finest materials to add value to your property.

country estate fence
Traditional Fence...
Without the Traditional Maintenance

Country Estate Polyvinyl Decking is beautiful, durable and priced competitive with redwood. It eliminates chemical cleaning and preservation treatments. And this vinyl decking doesn't squeak when you walk on it. Country Estate Decking is a safe play surface for children and pets. Available in white, almond, gray, and adobe.


* Always cool to the touch and kind to bare feet. Surface is embossed for a non-slick surface. 

* Much easier to wash than wooden or concrete surfaces.

* Available in white, gray, almond and adobe.

* Never discolors from pressure washing or constant exposure to water.

* Forget slivers, rotting deck or squeaks.

* No more waterproofing with sealants or chemicals again - a safer play surface for children.

vinyl decks
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