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Grilling Lines

At Eldridge Fencing, we only sell superior grill lines. We offer everything from gas, to lump charcoal, to wood pellet cooking systems. Come in and let our experts help find the right fit for you and your cooking style.

traeger grills


The First. The Best. The Legendary.

The journey to create the iconic Wood-Fired Grill has led to a revolution in the world of barbeque. Often imitated, never duplicated, Traeger Grills invented wood-fired cooking.

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To start using a Traeger grill all you have to do is set your digital thermostat to the desired temperature, wait 10 - 15 mins for it to heat up and place your food on the grill. The auger system maintains a consistent temperature while the fan causes convection style cooking, rotating the wood fired smoke flavor all the way around your food. This is why you can "Taste the Difference" when cooking with a Traeger Grill. You can bake, braise, BBQ, smoke, grill, and roast all on one unit!

The Primo All-In-One Series was developed with convenience in mind. The vision behind the product was to offer a selection of grills that are ready to grill out of the box after a few minutes of easy setup and assembly. This series also offers a cost effective avenue for Primo customers to get a bigger "bang for their buck" without breaking the bank. All four models are the same great ceramic grills we offer as stand-alone product with added accesories to provide a ready-to-grill experience out of the box. A Primo All-In-One Grill can be assembled in minutes and ready to cook. Once assembled just add whole lump charcoal, light and grill your favorite food.

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Primo Grills

The unique patented oval shape delivers the highest cooking flexibility and efficiency of any other ceramic grill. It creates two different and distinct cooking zones. If you've ever tried to grill a steak and vegetables at the same time it's likely that the steak came out fine, but the vegetables came out too charred. Or you had to roast the vegetable first, then keep them warm while you grill the steaks. We ran into the same problem. Now you know why we developed the Primo Oval.


Primo's Oval Design gives you more control when cooking foods that require different temperatures and locations to the natural lump charcoal. Commonly referred to as "two-zone" cooking, it's the ability to simultaneously cook with direct and indirect heat. It's similar to turning off half the burners on a gas grill, but Primo offers all the flavor of a natural wood fire!


Grill thick sizzling bone-in ribeyes while roasting farm fresh corn on the cob on the other side. Round ceramic grills may promise, but can't deliver the extremely efficient cooking abilities of a Primo Oval.

saber grills

What makes SABER the best value among premium grills? We deliver superior performance and all the features and sales support you want—for far less than other premium brands. Every SABER grill uses our patented infrared technology and is made with the same premium materials and quality construction. No one combines performance, innovation and affordability like SABER.

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